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My name is Kyle. I am a happily failing indie/punk/folk/country/rock musician from Hampshire, UK. I have been singing and songwriting in The Dawn Chorus since 2005, and The Retrospective Soundtrack Players since 2010. I love these two bands like my brother/wife rolled into one. This blog details the shows I have played with both bands, in chronological order.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Vicims Update - April 2008

4 or 5 Magicians, 900 Spaces, A-Custom, Action Speaks Louder, Afrosnatchers, The AKA Band, The All-Singing Razorblades, Andy & Jack, Angelgear x 5, The Arkwrights, Ashford, The Aviators, B of the Bang x 2, Rob Ball, Philip Barebones, Chris Bath, Batrider, Steve Bland, Blue Fox, Bodyhost x 2, Adam Boucher x 2, Brenda, James Bright, Captain Fantastic, Carmen Rosa, Carmichael, Citizen, The Clowns, Contra, Kurt Cooder x 2, Covernote, Creepythinguy, Cymbiotic, Dali's Cat, Steve Dalzell, Tom Dangerous, Dead! Dead! Dead! x 2, Del Nil x 3, De Squeran, The Deads x 2, Delboy French, Deville, Different Day, The Dirty 38s, Dropstone, Dumbfounded, Alex J Dunne, Dutch Husband, Echobeat, The Elements x 2, Enjoy Destroy, Fade Out x 2, Fake Ray, Luke Ferre, Fly Monkeys Fly, Frisbee in the Jewel Box, Funk Yer Mum, Geko, Get Amped, Gilbert, Gilkicker x 2, The Glad Rags, Golden Section x 2, David Goo, Alaistar Goodwin, GROOVE, The Gun Show x 5, Luke Haines, Hardly Heroes, The Heights, Rob Himself, Hobos and Eskimos, Hold Fast, Holy Roller, Hudson 10 x 2, I Am Jack, Introducing: Emergency Music, Joey Nightmare, Jukebox Vandals, Kate Goes, Kid Idiot, Kill Kasper, Kody, Leptany, The Levels, The Light Divided, Lisa Lindley Jones, The Lights Shine, The Little Ones, The Lonely Cardinals x 2, Lost Aura, Mantis & The Prayer, The Masters x 3, Jo McCafferty, The MFV, The Mindless Ones, Misty's Big Adventure, The Model Village, Momentum, The Mopes, Moses x 2, Mrs Poopars Automobiles, Mumble, No Skidoo, Octograph (?), Openroom x 2, Otaka, Matt Park, Mrs Burns, Stuart O'Connor, Palais x 2, Jackie Paper x 2, The Plymouths x 2, The Rebs, Red Campion, Relentless, Retrofect, The Ridgeway, Rivers of Sound x 3, Rockshore, Roland Shanks, Rolling Dog, Room 6, Rossco x 2, The Rudimentary Confusion, Rushing With Apathy, Sallyforth, Salvage, Sarah & Lewis, Saturdays and Sundays, The Shake, Shit Hot Llamas!, Silent Radio, Sine Star Project, Sister Divine, Six Nation State, Something Pretty, Spearmint, Jessica Spencer Band, Nigel Spooner-Harvey, The Stations x 6, The Strange Death of Liberal England x 3, Supergrass (DJs), Tali Trow & The Well Being, Tamerlane x 2, Temple, They Don't Sleep, Thomas Tantrum x 2, Tomboy, Trinity, Umdongskulen, The Undefined, The Veils, The Vice, Videosprint, The Visitors, Jon Walbrin, The Waves, The Way, The Waysters x 2, Rich Webb, Whitewash, Vaughan Williams, Wireless, Wiservice x 2, Zodiac


LXXXVIII - Winchester Railway Inn - 12/04/08

Winchester Railway Inn
Saturday 12th April 2008

Tali Trow & The Well Being
Blue Fox
The Dawn Chorus
Jackie Paper
Stuart O'Connor

Considering our Keys and Trumpet player Paul had broken his hand, and I was jet lagged and due to run the London Marathon the next day, this went pretty well. We had to do a song without Paul mid-set so that he could have a rest. Nice to see some old friends at the show, unfortunately I left after we played to get some shut eye before the Marathon, but Blue Fox sounded really good from what I heard.

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LXXXVII - Bournemouth The Gander - 30/03/08

Sunday 30th March 2008
Bournemouth The Gander

4 or 5 Magicians
Dutch Husband
The Dawn Chorus

A strange contrast to our show the night before - a fraction of the number of people in the audience but those present were really receptive to our set. Someone was even calling out for 'Lobster Telephone' constantly, so we eventually obliged. Neil and Paul had another wonderful trip to Ringwood (see previous blog from about a year ago), though this time they found out that there isn't one pub in Ringwood that has Sky Sports. And if you go looking for one, you will 'probably get your head kicked in'.


LXXXVI - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll @ Lennon's, Southampton - 29/03/08

Southampton Lennon's
Saturday 29th March 2008

The Dawn Chorus
Delboy French

I think we were rushed into this show at the last minute to replace someone or other. It was nice to play to a rammed room, and we kept it nice and upbeat to hold people's attention. Or attempt to. What else? Matt blew the in-house Guitar Hero record out of the water. And unfortunately the night ended on a sour note for me when I lost the cash we got paid for the show, although i'd rather not dwell on that part of the evening or i might start getting angry again.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


LXXXV - Little Johnny Russell's, Portsmouth - 27/03/08

Thursday 27th March
Little Johnny Russell's, Portsmouth

Supergrass DJs
The Dawn Chorus
The Lonely Cardinals
Tom Dangerous

First gig for proper ages. First gig since the album was finished so lots of new stuff to debut. Neil was proper rockstar and turned up 2 minutes before our stage time. I left before i saw anyone from Supergrass. Fadeout were good though. But what's the deal with putting out a huge buffet and then telling the bands it's not for them? How cruel is that?


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