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My name is Kyle. I am a happily failing indie/punk/folk/country/rock musician from Hampshire, UK. I have been singing and songwriting in The Dawn Chorus since 2005, and The Retrospective Soundtrack Players since 2010. I love these two bands like my brother/wife rolled into one. This blog details the shows I have played with both bands, in chronological order.

Monday, June 06, 2011


CXCVI - Truro Bunters - 03/06/11

Bunters, Truro
Friday 3rd June 2011

The Retrospective Soundtrack Players
The Gleebs

Another lovely day out (beach, sea, beers, ice cream, sadly no pasty, noodle bar) but not the best of gigs - lots of people but not many that really gave a shit. One of those. The 4 hour drive home could have been terrible but me, Neil and Kelv formed a vocal group and recorded an album on our phones on the way home. If you're interested, which you're not, the tracks we recorded were:

Heart of Gold
The Real Slim Shady
Price Tag / Where is the Love?
Poker Face / Barbie Girl
Boom Boom Boom / Love Shack / One Week
Rise / Knocking on Heavens Door
A Whole New World

These will see the light of day eventually....


CXCV - Cheltenham Frog and Fiddle - 02/06/11

Cheltenham Frog and Fiddle
Thursday 2nd June 2011

The Retrospective Soundtrack Players
The Cadbury Sisters
Men Diamler
Andy Oliver

My Birthday! 27, the age of Rock and Roll death, I will do my best to avoid aeroplanes, strong currents and heroine for a year. I remember writing one of these when I was 22, I've had my sense of views, etc.....

Incredible day in Cheltenham, played footy in the sun, saw our album in rise records, had an afternoon nap listening to a gervais podcast, had a birthday nando's, played an ok show. Bigger crowds have been played but we had good fun. I straddled a table to sing the last song but embarrassed myself when it was wobblier than I had expected. I also did a gay commando roll to get back over the barrier onto the stage. I am 27 years old. Lovely sound guy and lovely promoter = good times.


CXCIV - Brixton Windmill - 01/06/11

Brixton Windmill
Wednesday 1st June 2011

Franz Nicolay
The Retrospective Soundtrack Players
Ben Marwood

Great fun show alongside the superb Franz (formerly of The Hold Steady) and Ben (our new Xtra Mile labelmate). Both were superb, Tim the promoter is a top guy too and we rolled off into the night to stay at our wonderful friends Gareth and Vicky's place. Cheers!


CXCIII - Southampton Talking Heads - 13/05/11

Southampton Talking Heads
Friday 13th May 2011

Roxanne Johns
The Retrospective Soundtrack Players
Analogue Manilow

Rox kindly invited us to support her for her album launch and we had a lovely time, eating chips in the beer garden in the sun and playing some country folk punk. I used to teach some of the kids in Sweetheart, which was pretty strange, and it was Analogue Manilow's first ever show, they were incredibly loud and great. The guy who did the 50 egg challenge absolutely destroyed it, doing the lot in about a minute and a half. Sensational stuff.


CXCII - Portsmouth Edge of the Wedge - 01/05/11

Portsmouth Edge of the Wedge
Sunday 1st May 2011

The Day of the Rabblement
The B of the Bang
The Retrospective Soundtrack Players
All the Shapes
Tom Fossum
The Boy I Used To Be
Zegema Beach

Incest fest: (deep breath) i organised this day, i play in the dawn chorus with neil and paul who both also play in the rsp alongside kelvin from all the shapes, who contain most of seven days at knifepoint who neil used to play with, just after he played in deadpan with matt, who sang in those days but then drummed for a long time in the dc and now sings again in beatamax, who were playing their first ever show, although most of them used to be in three day benda with paul, now of rsp and dc (remember?) - keef plays bass in the dc and is my bro - genuine incest - he also has a kick arse solo thing under the name tom fossum, and he now also plays bass in the b of the bang since ochs left to dedicate his time to zegema beach (his reggae/dub outfit), rsp and jukebox money, the covers band he plays in with neil and sometimes paul, as well as elliott gregg, who drums in rsp and b of the bang. rox also plays in zegema beach and the b of the bang, wit plays accordion and guitar in the dc and is head honcho in the b of the bang, but he just left jukebox money to spend more time on analogue manilow, a new sludge rock outfit he started with dave from the b of the bang and big matt, who used to drum in the b of the bang (not to be confused with little matt, who used to drum in the b of the bang). ben c only plays in the dc (phew), jack only plays in the b of the bang but he has been known to be in hats are for heads, billy and the bears and whitson. how did this all happen?

the boy i used to be is a really nice kid called Edward and the day of the rabblement are just an ace local band. we didn't want to overdo the incest. this was a free gig and absolutely rammed all day, brilliant fun all round.


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