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My name is Kyle. I am a happily failing indie/punk/folk/country/rock musician from Hampshire, UK. I have been singing and songwriting in The Dawn Chorus since 2005, and The Retrospective Soundtrack Players since 2010. I love these two bands like my brother/wife rolled into one. This blog details the shows I have played with both bands, in chronological order.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Victims - April '10

After the Megabunny funtime tour 2010....

4 or 5 Magicians, 900 Spaces, A-Custom, Acropolis, Action Speaks Louder, Phil Adams, Afrosnatchers, The AKA Band, All The Shapes, The All-Singing Razorblades, Allo Darlin', Andy & Jack, Angelgear x 5, Apologies I Have None, The Arkwrights, CM Arnold & the Delta Breaks x2, Arty Karate, Ashford, The Autons x2, The Aviators, The B of the Bang x 30, Rob Ball, Philip Barebones, Emily Barker, Chris Bath, Batrider, Beans on Toast, Belligerence, Bemis, Bendigo, The Beneski Murder, Billy Vincent x2, Bipolar Empire, Black Carrot, The Steve Bland Assembly x 6, Blue Fox, Emit Bloch, Bodyhost x 2, The Boicotts, Adam Boucher x 2, The Boy I Used To Be, Brenda, Loz Bridge, James Bright, Burn the Witch, Captain Fantastic, Carlos and the Jackal, Carmen Rosa, Carmichael, Cats:For Peru, Citizen, Lester Clayton, The Clowns, Cocos Lovers, Contra, Kurt Cooder x 2, Alex Cornish, Covernote, Creepythinguy, Cymbiotic, Dali's Cat, Steve Dalzell, Tom Dangerous, De Squeran x2, Dead! Dead! Dead! x 2, The Deads x3, Deadbeat Descendent, Del Nil x 3, Stanton Delaplane, Delboy French, Depot, Deville, Different Day, The Dirty 38s, Dlugokecki, Dropstone, Dumbfounded, Alex J Dunne, Dutch Husband, Echobeat, Elaine Dismissed, The Elements x 2, Elle Milano, Emptifish, Enjoy Destroy, The Extenders, Fade Out x 2, Fake Ray, Luke Ferre x 2, Fly Monkeys Fly, Fresh Legs x3, Frisbee in the Jewel Box, Funk Yer Mum, The Gallery, Geko, Get Amped, Gilbert, Gilkicker x 2, The Glad Rags, Glen Belt, Nick Glover (The Seal Cub Clubbing Club), Golden Section x 2, David Goo x 2, The Good Intentions, Gary Goodman, Alaistar Goodwin, Paul Goodwin Band, David Greeves, GROOVE, The Gun Show x 5, Luke Haines, Frank Hamilton, Hardly Heroes, Hats are for Heads, The Heights, Hexicon, Higgy, Rob Himself, Hobos and Eskimos, Hold Fast x3, Holy Roller, The Hornblower Brothers, The Housewives, Hudson 10 x 2, HUMANS, I Am Jack, I Am Not Left-Handed, Idiot3, The Incredible Flight of Birdman x2, The Inklings, Introducing: Emergency Music, Ivan Campo, Ida Jacobsson, Joey Nightmare, Jukebox Vandals, The Kabeedies, Karmatribe, Kate Goes, Kid Idiot, Kill Kasper, Kody, Last Days of Lorca, Leptany, The Levels, Life of Byron, The Light Divided, Lisa Lindley Jones, Lines in Sand, The Lights Shine, The Little Ones, Little Things, Living in Cities, The Lonely Cardinals x 2, Looking Through Glass, The Long Goodbye, Lost Aura, LoveLikeFire, Peter Lyons, Richie Madisun, Mantis & The Prayer, Mantra, The Marvellous Mechanical Band, Elliot Mason, The Masters x 3, Jo McCafferty, Dave McPherson, Melodramas x2, Mercy Alexander, The Metropolise, The MFV, The Mindless Ones, Misty's Big Adventure, The Model Village, Momentum, Mono, Monsters Build Mean Robots, The Mopes, Neil Morris, Moses x 2, Mr & Mrs, Mr Christopher, Mrs Poopars Automobiles, Mumble, The New Root, Ninja Horses, No Skidoo, Stuart O'Connor, Octograph (?), Operahouse, Openroom x 2, Ornament Birds, Otaka, Ottersgear, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool?, Out Like A Lion, Over the Wall, Matt Park, Mrs Burns, Palais x 2, Jackie Paper x 2, Joe Parker & the Power, Chris Perrin and the Minor Falls, The Plans, The Plymouths x 2, Poppy, The Racketeers x2, Kyle Rage, The Rapids, The Rebs x 2, Red Campion, Reikidogs, Relentless, Retrofect, Revere x7, The Ridgeway, Rivers of Sound x 3, Roadside Poppies, Rockshore, Roland Shanks, Rolling Dog, Room 6, Roshambo, Rosie and the Goldbug, Rossco x 5, Round Ron Virgin, The Rudimentary Confusion, Rushing With Apathy, Sallyforth, Salvage, Sarah & Lewis, Saturdays and Sundays, The Shake, Sharks Took The Rest, Shit Hot Llamas!, Silent Radio, Silhouette Showgirls, Sine Star Project, Sister Divine, Six Nation State, The Adam Smith Effect, Something Pretty, Charlene Soraia, Spearmint, Jessica Spencer Band, Niall Spooner-Harvey x 2, The Stations x 6, Leigh Mary Stokes, The Strange Death of Liberal England x 5, Straylings, The Summons, Super Cannes, Supergrass (DJs), Surprise!, Chris T-T x 3, Tali Trow & The Well Being, Tag Team Preacher, Tamerlane x 2, Paddy Taylor, Temple, They Don't Sleep, Thomas Tantrum x 2, Three Blind Wolves, Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam, Tomboy, Transcend, Trinity, Frank Turner x 3, Umdongskulen, The Undefined, The Veils, Venice Ahoy!, The Vice, Videosprint, The Visitors, Jon Walbrin, The Waves, The Way, The Waysters x 2, Rich Webb, Whitewash, Wilf, JD Williams, Vaughan Williams, Winners, Wireless, Wiservice x 2, Wood, Wire and Words, Michael Wookey, Wyldside, Yellowgroove, James Yuill, Zodiac

Saturday, April 10, 2010


CLXV - Brighton The Hope - 09/04/10

Friday 9th April 2010
Brighton The Hope

The Dawn Chorus
The B of the Bang
The Extenders

I liked the Hope as a venue - nice tiny upstairs room with a bar above a pretty cool and central pub. We had a complete technical meltdown between TBOTB's set and ours, with Neil's amp, pedal board and banjo all breaking, to which he declared 'I've fallen out of love with rock and roll.' He got it together though, and managed to use Dave's pedals well enough that no-one would ever have known the difference. We ended with the five-drummer assault of 'Blast', this time with Pauly B playing trumpet standing on the bar.
This empty stage:
Thanks to Simps for the photos.


CLXIV - Portsmouth Drift in the City - 08/04/10

Thursday 8th April 2010
Portsmouth Drift in the City

The B of the Bang
The Dawn Chorus
The Long Goodbye

i had to go to work and after getting in at gone 3 i overslept so had to go to work in my smelly tour clothes but i don't think anyone noticed then i went straight to ben's folks' to apologise for the broken ford galaxy but they were very cool about it as they always are and by this point i had a headache through lack of sleep but i ploughed on and went straight to the gig where soundcheck was mercifully smooth and then had a good old sit down in wetherspoons and a nice curry, rice, naans, bhajis, poppadoms, chutney and a beer all for six quid and then found out that malcolm mclaren was dead before heading back to play a fairly decent show to a strangely chatty crowd before bundling into many cars having retured the van to tom and leaving the psychos to another night out, this time at scandals.


CLXIII - London The Miller - 07/04/10

Wednesday 7th April 2010
London The Miller

The Dawn Chorus
The B of the Bang
Lines in Sand

The nightmare continues...


CLXII - Newcastle The Cluny - 06/04/10

Tuesday 6th April 2010
Newcastle Cluny

Sharks Took The Rest
The Dawn Chorus
The B of the Bang

The day that things started going wrong. The less hung-over members of the touring party made their way back to the Leaf for a truly amazing breakfast - porridge and thick granary toast in my case - which I was ceryainly glad of later in the day. The heavy heads gradually followed over, followed by BenC, still 100% pissed from the night before having slept in his clothes. Ben put in a heroic effort on his porridge though, I must say, finishing it in a grand total of about 45 minutes.

The plan was to drive to our travelodge at Leeds-Bradford airport before completing the trip to Newcastle for the show. However, in Bradford the Ford Galaxy began to smell strongly of burning oil and died...

We called the RAC and meanwhile went to use the toilet at the foulest smelling cheap chicken outlet I have ever been to in my life. In fact, I realised on this tour that as a country we must be destroying battery chickens at an alrming rate to keep these places in business. £1.50 for 2 pieces of chicken, chips and a can? Horrendous.
The car was not too badly broken but needed a proper garage fix, so Neil flirted on the phone and sorted us a hire car to take to Newcastle. Newcastle looked amazing but we arrived late for soundcheck so no time to see it, as is often the case. The soundman was an arse too, which didn't really help. In fact, he jumped from being an arse to being a sound guy, so i guess 50% arse.
The Cluny was a really nice place, and the soup was excellent too. Amusingly (for everyone except himself), Simps was last to be served dinner for the third day running. I would say this was our weakest show, but we still went down pretty well. It was our last show with Revere, so we bid them fare-thee-well, bought up shit loads of their t-shirts and headed back to Leeds, playing a few rounds of 'one-word stories' to keep Nelly the driver awake.


CLXI - Liverpool Leaf Tea Bar - 05/04/10

Monday 5th April 2010
Liverpool Leaf Tea Bar

Super Cannes
The Dawn Chorus
The B of the Bang
Nick Glover (The Seal Cub Clubbing Club)

Lovely lay-in was followed by a trek into Liverpool - a city I really like - with my roomies BenC, Matt and Keef to look for Breakfast. We were just too late at good old 'spoons, though Ben did manage to tramp a piece of uneaten toast from a deserted table while we were in there. This was only a sign of the depravity that lay in store for Ben in Liverpool though...
We went to a Yates' for a fairly grim but nonetheless very welcome full English, followed by a good look around Liverpool. I was thinking of joining Elliott, Paul and BenC in visiting the Beatles museum, but I took too long emptying my bowels in the world's busiest McDonald's and missed them.

This was probably the longest ever soundcheck we've been involved in, it was truly gruelling. Lots and lots of sitting and waiting. The Leaf was a great little place and luckily they served monstrous cappuccinos which kept me amused for a while, but I still needed to take a good few walks around the block.

This was probably the emptiest gig of the tour - Easter Monday was always going to be a struggle - but still enjoyable. Today Paul played 'Blast' from on top of Ben Ox's shoulders. I don't think he'd pre-warned The Ox, but his shoulders comfortably accomodated little B.
After the gig we made our way to the megabunny funtime tour's favourite club - Bumper. It was dead when we got there, but 20 DC, BOTB and Revere bodies soon filled thing up a bit. I left early as I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood, so you will have to decide whether or not to believe that the following happened....
elliott gregg took lots of stick for being bald... dave was stalked... stephen revere was a drunken legend... ben c got his bum out in bumper and the kebab shop... elliott gregg got lost in liverpool... dave got lost in liverpool... ben ox and jack entered a crack den looking for elliott gregg... ben c attempted to sleep on the pavement outside the kebab shop... a dc member was very sick in his bed (which he was sharing at the time)... elliott gregg arrived at the hotel at 5 and wouldn't go to sleep... i considered, i considered, a move to memphis, a move to memphis...


CLX - Preston Mad Ferret - 04/04/10

Sunday 4th April 2010
Preston Mad Ferret

The Dawn Chorus
The B of the Bang

We all awoke at Elliott Gregg's house for cereal, toast and creme eggs. Elliott's parents are legends. It was Elliott's last ever visit to his childhood home too, as his parents are moving soon. So after an emotional send-off we got on the way to Preston, which basically involved following any signs that said 'NORTH'.

On the way, however, we checked into our hotel in Liverpool, where the receptionists seemed slightly suspicious at the amount of people we were attempting to check into 3 rooms. They let us carry on though.

We all fell asleep on the short, hot drive to Preston, where we had a very smooth soundcheck thanks to the wonderful Mr Lomax before heading to Wetherspoons (Subway was shut). A good three days into the tour and Dave BOTB still couldn't manage to poo, despite a 'spoons curry.

Ottersgear, Revere and Bang were all outstanding on this night, and we played fucking well too, despite a bit of a lairy start after thinking we'd lost a trumpet. We found it though, somewhere amongst the millions of cases that become involved when us, Bang and Revere all share a bill.

Many lager and limes consumed, another fun visit to the Mad Ferret ended with an early(for this tour, anyway) night.


CLIX - Cambridge The Globe - 03/04/10

Saturday 3rd April 2010
Cambridge The Globe

The Dawn Chorus
The Beneski Murder (?)
The B of the Bang

Woke with sleepy heads and drove straight to Cambridge, sans-Breakfast. Having a left-hand drive car allowed us to embarass Pauly B when we drove through a toll by puttinf on Westlife at deafening volume. Why was Westlife playing? Beacuse Simps made the worst compilation cd in the world, ever. Although he made the mistake of putting MmmBop on it, which is awesome.

Got to the venue in Cambridge in time to watch the ManUtd vs Chelsea match but commentary was in Italian, so we left the Globe and got an over-priced Panini in a bar with English commentary. We then got on the usual Cambridge trail of FOPP (many copies of Midlake's last album purchased at £3 a piece), followed by a few games of Bum on Parker's Piece, followed by tasty Mexican food in Nanna Mexico.

Soundcheck took aaages but did involve setting up the full PA. TBOTB were ace and really got into their stride. The next band were interrupted by a huge influx of chavs who threatened to scupper proceedings with their pissed antics (probably celebrating Cambridge's Boat Race victory) but luckily they left before we played. We had a belter, if i do say so myself. After the show we drove to Elliott Gregg's home town of Codicote and had a lock-in at his local The Goat, ensuring a few heavy heads when all eleven of us awoke at the house of Gregg the following morning....


CLVIII - London Brixton Windmill - 02/04/10

Brixton Windmill, London
Friday 2nd April 2010

Three Blind Wolves
The Dawn Chorus
Round Ron Virgin
Over the Wall
Billy Vincent
I Am Not Left-Handed
The B of the Bang
Bipolar Empire


After several weeks/months of planning, the second MFT rolled out a day after April fools' day. Neil momentarily fooled me by emailing all the boys and saying he wasn't coming. But it was an hilarious April Fool! Speaking of which, the 'boys' involved on this year's MFT were:


Kyle - Vox/Gtr/Fabio Capello
Neil - Gtr/Banjo/Shouting/Paul Scholes scores goals
Keef - Bass/no known lookalikes
Matt - Drums/Vox/Tarantino
Ben - Mandolin/Banjo/Percussion/Trumpet/Alex James/Brian Cox
Pauly B - Keys/Trumpet/Alan Shearer
Wit - Accordion/Glockenspiel/Guitar/Daniel Bedingfield


Wit - different instruments but still Bedingfield
Dave - Guitar/David Tennant
Jack - Guitar/Keys/Accordion/Jesus or just any Greek
Elliott Gregg - Drums/Vox/Bobby Charlton
Ben Ox - Bass/Carl Froch/Singer from the Futureheads

On the morning I went for a nice big preparatory Full English before picking up Ben's parents' trusty left-hand drive Ford Galaxy. We made it to the venue in no time and were greeted by the Windmill's racist security rottweiler (it only seems to bark at black people.)
It was an amazingly strong line-up for an all-dayer, in fact there was only one band that I didn't like but I won't mention who they were. Billy Vincent were incredible though, they absolutely slayed their half-hour slot. Less can be said for the burgers, which were somewhat limp. They were free though.

It was our friend Vicky's birthday so we gave her a cake during our set, which actually went pretty well. The promoter Tim was a legend and paid us much more than promised which set us up nicely for the tour. Without meaning to contribute towards any national stereotyping, there were 2 scottish bands on the bill and every single member of said bands was completely pissed. Including the headline band, who were pissed from about 2 in the afternoon. Good work.

After the show we wandered off into the night in search of the mythical 'Pizza Go-Go', though all we found was a chicken house selling truly dirty chicken. We also encountered a rather huge chav thug who scared the chicken house guy into serving him ahead of us. I would have done exactly the same in his shoes. After this, straight to sleep at our good friend Rob's place.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


CLVII - Portsmouth Eastney Cellars (Johnny Cash night) - 26/03/10

Portsmouth Eastney Cellars
Johnny Cash Night
Friday 26th March 2010

The Dawn Chorus
Wood, Wire & Words
CM Arnold
The B of the Bang
+ others

Awesome fun. The Cellars was rammed, busiest I've seen it for ages. We played It Ain't Me Babe, I Walk the Line, Cocaine Blues, I Got Stripes and Ring of Fire. We were the only full band to play other that The B of the Bang, who opened the night. It was really great fun to let our hair down and have fun just playing the songs, I could have happily played all night if I'd known we'd have the time to fill. And my mum won the raffle too! All in all a good night.


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