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My name is Kyle. I am a happily failing indie/punk/folk/country/rock musician from Hampshire, UK. I have been singing and songwriting in The Dawn Chorus since 2005, and The Retrospective Soundtrack Players since 2010. I love these two bands like my brother/wife rolled into one. This blog details the shows I have played with both bands, in chronological order.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Victims - April '10

After the Megabunny funtime tour 2010....

4 or 5 Magicians, 900 Spaces, A-Custom, Acropolis, Action Speaks Louder, Phil Adams, Afrosnatchers, The AKA Band, All The Shapes, The All-Singing Razorblades, Allo Darlin', Andy & Jack, Angelgear x 5, Apologies I Have None, The Arkwrights, CM Arnold & the Delta Breaks x2, Arty Karate, Ashford, The Autons x2, The Aviators, The B of the Bang x 30, Rob Ball, Philip Barebones, Emily Barker, Chris Bath, Batrider, Beans on Toast, Belligerence, Bemis, Bendigo, The Beneski Murder, Billy Vincent x2, Bipolar Empire, Black Carrot, The Steve Bland Assembly x 6, Blue Fox, Emit Bloch, Bodyhost x 2, The Boicotts, Adam Boucher x 2, The Boy I Used To Be, Brenda, Loz Bridge, James Bright, Burn the Witch, Captain Fantastic, Carlos and the Jackal, Carmen Rosa, Carmichael, Cats:For Peru, Citizen, Lester Clayton, The Clowns, Cocos Lovers, Contra, Kurt Cooder x 2, Alex Cornish, Covernote, Creepythinguy, Cymbiotic, Dali's Cat, Steve Dalzell, Tom Dangerous, De Squeran x2, Dead! Dead! Dead! x 2, The Deads x3, Deadbeat Descendent, Del Nil x 3, Stanton Delaplane, Delboy French, Depot, Deville, Different Day, The Dirty 38s, Dlugokecki, Dropstone, Dumbfounded, Alex J Dunne, Dutch Husband, Echobeat, Elaine Dismissed, The Elements x 2, Elle Milano, Emptifish, Enjoy Destroy, The Extenders, Fade Out x 2, Fake Ray, Luke Ferre x 2, Fly Monkeys Fly, Fresh Legs x3, Frisbee in the Jewel Box, Funk Yer Mum, The Gallery, Geko, Get Amped, Gilbert, Gilkicker x 2, The Glad Rags, Glen Belt, Nick Glover (The Seal Cub Clubbing Club), Golden Section x 2, David Goo x 2, The Good Intentions, Gary Goodman, Alaistar Goodwin, Paul Goodwin Band, David Greeves, GROOVE, The Gun Show x 5, Luke Haines, Frank Hamilton, Hardly Heroes, Hats are for Heads, The Heights, Hexicon, Higgy, Rob Himself, Hobos and Eskimos, Hold Fast x3, Holy Roller, The Hornblower Brothers, The Housewives, Hudson 10 x 2, HUMANS, I Am Jack, I Am Not Left-Handed, Idiot3, The Incredible Flight of Birdman x2, The Inklings, Introducing: Emergency Music, Ivan Campo, Ida Jacobsson, Joey Nightmare, Jukebox Vandals, The Kabeedies, Karmatribe, Kate Goes, Kid Idiot, Kill Kasper, Kody, Last Days of Lorca, Leptany, The Levels, Life of Byron, The Light Divided, Lisa Lindley Jones, Lines in Sand, The Lights Shine, The Little Ones, Little Things, Living in Cities, The Lonely Cardinals x 2, Looking Through Glass, The Long Goodbye, Lost Aura, LoveLikeFire, Peter Lyons, Richie Madisun, Mantis & The Prayer, Mantra, The Marvellous Mechanical Band, Elliot Mason, The Masters x 3, Jo McCafferty, Dave McPherson, Melodramas x2, Mercy Alexander, The Metropolise, The MFV, The Mindless Ones, Misty's Big Adventure, The Model Village, Momentum, Mono, Monsters Build Mean Robots, The Mopes, Neil Morris, Moses x 2, Mr & Mrs, Mr Christopher, Mrs Poopars Automobiles, Mumble, The New Root, Ninja Horses, No Skidoo, Stuart O'Connor, Octograph (?), Operahouse, Openroom x 2, Ornament Birds, Otaka, Ottersgear, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool?, Out Like A Lion, Over the Wall, Matt Park, Mrs Burns, Palais x 2, Jackie Paper x 2, Joe Parker & the Power, Chris Perrin and the Minor Falls, The Plans, The Plymouths x 2, Poppy, The Racketeers x2, Kyle Rage, The Rapids, The Rebs x 2, Red Campion, Reikidogs, Relentless, Retrofect, Revere x7, The Ridgeway, Rivers of Sound x 3, Roadside Poppies, Rockshore, Roland Shanks, Rolling Dog, Room 6, Roshambo, Rosie and the Goldbug, Rossco x 5, Round Ron Virgin, The Rudimentary Confusion, Rushing With Apathy, Sallyforth, Salvage, Sarah & Lewis, Saturdays and Sundays, The Shake, Sharks Took The Rest, Shit Hot Llamas!, Silent Radio, Silhouette Showgirls, Sine Star Project, Sister Divine, Six Nation State, The Adam Smith Effect, Something Pretty, Charlene Soraia, Spearmint, Jessica Spencer Band, Niall Spooner-Harvey x 2, The Stations x 6, Leigh Mary Stokes, The Strange Death of Liberal England x 5, Straylings, The Summons, Super Cannes, Supergrass (DJs), Surprise!, Chris T-T x 3, Tali Trow & The Well Being, Tag Team Preacher, Tamerlane x 2, Paddy Taylor, Temple, They Don't Sleep, Thomas Tantrum x 2, Three Blind Wolves, Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam, Tomboy, Transcend, Trinity, Frank Turner x 3, Umdongskulen, The Undefined, The Veils, Venice Ahoy!, The Vice, Videosprint, The Visitors, Jon Walbrin, The Waves, The Way, The Waysters x 2, Rich Webb, Whitewash, Wilf, JD Williams, Vaughan Williams, Winners, Wireless, Wiservice x 2, Wood, Wire and Words, Michael Wookey, Wyldside, Yellowgroove, James Yuill, Zodiac

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