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My name is Kyle. I am a happily failing indie/punk/folk/country/rock musician from Hampshire, UK. I have been singing and songwriting in The Dawn Chorus since 2005, and The Retrospective Soundtrack Players since 2010. I love these two bands like my brother/wife rolled into one. This blog details the shows I have played with both bands, in chronological order.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


XX - Southampton Joiners - 16/05/06

Tuesday 16th May 2006
Southampton Joiners

The Dawn Chorus

What do you think of when you hear the name Rockshore? Whorey old man stoner rock? Probably not Jamie Cullum-esque Jazz-lite fronted by a Will Young soundalike. These guys are contenders for the strangest band we've played with, but as several people noted, if he goes on the next series of X-factor he'll stand a good chance. Salvage sounded absolutely enormous, probably due to shovelling stacks of delay onto every song, which can never be a bad thing in my book. And Dumbfounded weren't exactly my cup of tea, but they certainly had catchy moments (although covering Talking Heads when your voice has more than a passing resemblence of David Byrne's might not be the best idea). And us? We were on stupendously early so we didn't get many in, and it was a bit cold so I dropped two pleccys, and i broke my first ever string and had to yank it out of the capo, and we fudged the start of something's changed, but other than that it was cool. Apparently we sounded the best we've ever sounded there, so hopefully it bodes well for June 2nd with Roland Shanks. Look forward to seeing you then. Oh, and as I write this we are about to go and play at the Exoposure/Punch Funk battle of the bands final in Southsea, and my Mystic Meg/Russel Grant eery future prediction is that Wiservice shall win.............

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